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Bins and waste collection

There are many mixed waste bins throughout the village belonging to either St Albans District Council or Wheathampstead Parish Council. 

In November 2020, the Parish Council installed several new bins across the village. These new style bins are closed at the top to make it more difficult for animals such as foxes and squirrels to get at the rubbish, which was often found strewn across the grass in the mornings.

Did you know that regular bins are also suitable for dog waste?

As dog waste no longer needs to be disposed of by a specialist company, all dedicated dog poo bins are to be gradually being removed and replaced with these wonderful new green and gold mixed waste bins.

Parish Council owned bins are emptied twice weekly.

New style mixed waste bin
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Locations of bins

Use the map below to find a bin in Wheathampstead. The map can be opened using Google Maps

This map is a work in progress and therefore some SADC bins may not yet be included.