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Your Councillors

  • Andy Park

    Committees: TBC

  • Anne Howie

    Committees: Allotments (Chairman), Community Involvement, Environment

  • Mark Ward

    Committees: Environment, Planning

  • Peter Woodhams

    Committees: Community Involvement, Environment (Vice-Chairman), Finance

  • Tessa Reason

    Committees: Community Involvement, Environment (Chairman), Finance, Nomansland Joint Committee, Personnel

  • Owain McKenzie

    Committees: Community Involvement (Chairman), Finance, Personnel (Vice-Chairman)

  • David Johnston – Vice-Chairman

    Committees: Community Involvement, Environment, Finance (Vice-Chairman), Personnel (Chairman)

  • Steve Haynes – Chairman

    Committees: Allotments (Vice-Chairman), Community Involvement, Environment, Finance, Personnel

  • Linda Halford

    Committees: Community Involvement (Vice-Chairman), Environment, Finance, Planning

  • Elias Habib

    Committees: Allotments, Community Involvement, Planning (Vice-Chairman)

  • David Davies

    Committees: Finance (Chairman), Personnel, Planning

  • Gill Clark

    Committees: Allotments, Community Involvement, Environment, Finance, Nomansland Joint Committee, Planning (Chairman)