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Committees and working groups

These are the main committees and working groups that your councillors can opt to be a part of. Executive committees can make decisions, whereas non-executive committees and working groups must refer any decisions to executive committees or to full Council. For details of which executive committees councillors are involved in, click here to visit the ‘Your Councillors’ page.

Executive committees and sub-committees

Members of the public are entitled to attend any meeting of an executive committee, excluding personnel. There is an opportunity for the public to speak, however the three-minute rule must be adhered to – see here for guidance

Allotments (Sub-Committee)

Maintenance and decisions regarding the four allotment sites. Reports to CI.

Community Involvement

CI focuses on projects such as community events. Some working groups report to CI.


The Environment Committee  plays a key role in the work of the Parish Council. Collectively its members oversee the maintenance of both the built and natural environment of the Parish. We are a large parish owning 170 acres of open space including a Statutory Ancient Monument, Local Nature Reserves, sports facilities and amenity land.

The Committee’s  work covers both the necessary routine maintenance of properties – Memorial Hall, sports pavilions,  grass cutting, vegetation and litter; and  also perhaps the more interesting side of determining their management plans. It overseas our volunteer open space and river rangers, and contractors and with their input looks at management plans for the flora and fauna of the land we own and manage in Wheathampstead. It works closely with like-minded organisations such as the Herts and Middx Wildllife Trust and our district and county councils.

Inevitably there is some overlap with the Community Involvement Committee, which concentrates more on specific short term projects, which once set up are passed to the Environment Committee to  oversee and develop. One good example it the Station Platform Project, now well established but forever growing.

Lately team members have been working on a model level crossing gate to augment this environmentally rich, community orientated area.


Finances are reviewed periodically and initial yearly budgets prepared in readiness for full Council.


Organisation of staffing matters.


Planning applications submitted to St Albans District Council that fall within the parish are reviewed individually. Recommendations for approval or refusal are made. More complex plans are referred to full Council.

Non-executive committees and working groups

These groups include:

  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Crinkle-Crankle Community Garden
  • Community Events
  • The Memorial Hall Project

For details of when the committee/working group meetings are, see the meetings calendar below. If you have any questions regarding the meetings, please contact the office.

Meetings Calendar 2024