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Public tennis court hire

Update as of 12 July 2021: The tennis courts are open. Payment must now be made in advance.

Payment and booking

  • Payment is £5 per hour. You can either pay by bank transfer or cash. Bank details will be emailed to you upon request. Cash can be given to the office staff at the Memorial Hall. If no staff member is present, it can be put through the letterbox. Please ensure the cash is in an envelope with your details on it. 
  • Payment MUST be made in advance. Refunds for non-attendance may be given, but this will be at office discretion. 
  • You only use the court between 9am and dusk – we cannot allow use of the court once it begins to get dark. The courts are floodlit for club members only, so you need to play in daylight.
  • The court can only be booked for ONE hour for social use, not for tuition/lessons with a coach. 
  • To book, please email with time preferences (more than one option would be preferable), your name and phone number. One of our team will come back to you as soon as we can, however please be mindful of the current climate which has affected our working hours. You will receive an email as confirmation of your booking. We do not have an online booking system.

Accessing the tennis court

  • Access for public use of the courts is by a combination padlock* on the gate nearest Necton Road and the doctor’s surgery – bottom right as you look at the club house.  *Previously we gave out a key, but the office is currently shut.
  • The combination is changed frequently, and you must book a slot so that control the amount of people accessing the court, as well as being able to hold people accountable for the padlock staying in place. You will be advised of the combination code either at the time of booking or prior to your booking (if it is more than a few days in advance). This will be done either by phone call or email. 

Rules during your session

  • Only one court (Court 3) is available for the public, however, this is sometimes used by members. Their rules traditionally mean you wait 15 minutes if play in progress. They have been advised that the public court is largely in use by public, so we are confident that this will not be an issue for anyone. 
  • The court is for singles/family play only and with no lingering or socialising.
  • Children MUST be supervised at all times.
  • Users must follow Government social distancing and hygiene guidelines at all times. Visit or for more information.
  •       Failure to observe these rules may mean the Parish Council have no option but to close the facility.

Leaving the court at the end of your session

  • When you leave, please scramble the combination when you return it – all users are also responsible for securing the gate on exit. Tennis Club members have key access through the gate by the clubhouse.