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Wheathampstead Open Spaces Volunteers (WOSV)

To help maintain our open spaces for the benefit of all, residents have organised themselves into a group of volunteers known as the Wheathampstead Open Spaces Volunteers (WOSV). The group meets regularly at the weekend to work on maintaining the open spaces in accordance with the Open Spaces policy.  If you want to learn about open spaces management, creating biodiversity and getting some exercise in the open air all in one go, then please join the group!

Please use the menu to the left for more information about each key location. If you wish to participate then you are welcome to turn up at one of the sessions listed in the calendar below, dressed appropriately! If you have any questions, you can contact the lead volunteer, Mark Carter, by clicking here.

Most of our sites have a designated Ranger who monitor the area, advise the council when work is required, help to organise working parties and participate fully in revising and implementing management plans for their site.

These activities focus on our environmentally sensitive areas especially local nature reserves and county wildlife sites. They pay attention to wildlife sensitivity.

Proposed Calendar – August 2019 to July 2020

Locations and activities may vary as local conditions change.

August10East Lane car park riverbank1. Remove scrub from riverbank.
2. Clear around car park edges
September14Bower Heath1. Raise crowns of trees around grassland
2. Create small glades and scallops around woodland edge
October12Butterfield Road1. Rake chalk bank
2. Thin woodland
3. Clear paths
November9Gustard Wood1. Clear Holly to expose ancient Hornbeams
December14Gustard Wood1. Clear bramble from previous clearance
2. Remove further holly
3. Create path so exposed hornbeams can be seen
January12Devils Dyke1. Cut back scrub at entranceway
2. Remove invading holly along top path
February8Melissa Field1. Clear pathway to river
2. Coppice hazel by mill platform
3. Raise crowns of some roadside trees
March14Gustard Wood1. As above continued
April11Butterfield Road1. As above
2. Remove invading ash
May9Marshall’s Heath1. Remove emerging Rosebay Willow Herb and other undesirable scrub from grassland
June13Marshall’s Heath1. As above continued