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VE Day 75th Anniversary – Online Event

Join us for our online event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8 May 2020, from 1pm to 3pm. The event includes entertainment from local musicians, singers and dancers, plus a few competition/quizzes, some fascinating, history, poems and the ‘Nation’s Toast’ at 3pm. 

This event will be held on our Facebook page. The Facebook event will remain live so you can still access all of the videos and discussions until the end of May. To view these, you need to click on the ‘discussion’ tab. 

Not a Facebook user? Follow the instructions below! By viewing the event here, you cannot access the competitions, plus the videos are all released at once rather than being staggered throughout the event. However, you can still comment and like the videos via YouTube if you wish! 

Here you will find all of the videos included within the online event. 

If you wish to watch them on fullscreen, then you can click the broken square symbol in the bottom right hand corner. 

If you wish to choose a different video in the list (there are 18 in total), you can do so by either clicking on the playlist symbol (top right of the video, has three lines with a little triangle). OR you can click where it says YouTube and watch the event via our YouTube page. 

Either way it is safe and the content remains the same!  

Please watch this video below at 3pm so that we can toast together!