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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Monday 15 June

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which was created to raise awareness of the abuse towards the elderly and vulnerable.

Herts Police want to encourage people to report if they suspect their elderly friend, neighbour or family member is being targeted by fraudsters or other criminals. People may be more isolated and vulnerable at this time because of the current social distancing measures.

Since lockdown, Herts Police has been made aware of a number of scams and frauds targeting vulnerable people. These include fraudulent ‘track and trace’ calls or cold callers claiming to be helping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately offenders are not just rogue traders or fraudsters pretending to be people they are not. Sadly financial, physical or other abuses are also committed against older people by family members, friends, carers or care workers, who you would expect to have the best interests of the person at heart.

It’s important for people to be aware of scams or abusive behaviour and be vigilant with regards to older relatives and neighbours, especially those self-isolating.

If you see something, say something. Don’t stand for elder abuse.

Please watch this video, it could help you and others to spot the signs of elder abuse. 

Further information is available via the Herts Police website

You can report a safeguarding concern at

Mass gatherings not permitted

In light of recent discussions on social media, please note the following:

Whilst the Parish Council understands the village’s concerns, under current Government rules mass gatherings are not permitted. The Parish Council therefore does not authorise the use of Marford Playing Fields, The Meads or any other Parish Council owned land on Sunday 7 June for a protest gathering.

Important message from Affinity Water

We’re noticing extremely high demand for water in your area, due to the warm weather and many of us being at home to enjoy it. We’re doing all we can meet the demand and our production teams are working around the clock to treat and pump additional water into the network.

However, in some areas, water is being used faster than our teams can put it in, which is resulting in low pressure issues.

We are contacting customers directly through text, email and targeted social media posts to request that they use water for the essentials only, such as drinking, washing and cooking and avoid non-essential use such as watering the garden or filling inflatable pools.

Every drop counts. Taking shorter showers, skipping the car wash and turning off sprinklers and hoses can make a big difference collectively. But don’t forget to keep following government advice on regular hand washing.

Update: Pay & Play – Public tennis court use

One court is available for public use (singles/family play only) and with no lingering or socialising.

Contact Wheathampstead Parish Council on or call 01582 832541 for details and to arrange payment. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9.30am to 12.30pm, so you may not get a response outside of these times.

Users must follow Government social distancing and hygiene guidelines at all times. Users are also responsible for securing the gate on exit.

Visit or for more information.

Failure to observe these rules may mean the Parish Council have no option but to close the facility.

Please visit our dedicated page to find out more information –

Update: Wheathampstead’s Community Orchard

There are 26 fruit trees in the orchard, with two of each of these native Hertfordshire varieties, which were developed at the dates and places shown. They were planted in January 2014. They are on MM106 rootstocks so will grow to a height and width of about four metres. They will be ready for picking in September and October, the date varying between the different varieties.

Brownlees Russet (Hemel Hempstead 1848)
Thomas Rivers (Sawbridgeworth 1892)
Rivers St Martins (Sawbridgeworth 1896)
Crimson Newton Wonder (Holwell 1921)
Bushey Grove (Bushey 1926)
Young’s Pinello (Letchworth 1935)
Fairie Queen (Ware Park 1937)
Dawn (Ware Park 1940)
Gavin (Bayfordbury 1956)

Fertility (Sawbridgeworth 1875)
Conference (Sawbridgeworth 1875)
Parrot (Sawbridgeworth 1895)
Saint Luke (Sawbridgeworth 1897)

The three mature apple trees are at least 70 years old. They were planted by Arthur Wren, manager of the sewage works.

For more information, please contact the Meads ranger, Patrick McNeill, at or 07718 068575, or the Parish Council office.

Summer edition of The Pump – apology

In light of a recent concern, we wish to address an article that was recently published in our magazine. The article, titled ‘Kid Talk: How to cope with working parents’ (pg 8), suggests using products from the bathroom to make potions. The article was designed to be humorous, for just adults or adults to read alongside a child (and thus able to explain that it is meant to be tongue in cheek). However an issue has been raised that some potentially harmful cleaning products are kept in bathrooms, so this could be dangerous.

We apologise for the insensitivity of this and any other comments within this article that have caused our readers concern.

Tennis court now available for use

From today (13 May) one court will available for public use, for singles play only and with no lingering or socialising. If you wish to use this court, please call the Parish Council 01582 832541 for details and to arrange payment. Charges are £5 per hour. 

Read More

Top of picnic bench stolen from The Meads

Do you know what happened to this picnic bench?

Some time earlier this week the top of this picnic bench, which currently lives on The Meads, was stolen.

If you saw anything or have any information that you think might help, please contact the non-emergency police number, 101.