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Nomansland Common – tree works & refurbishment to car parks

Nomansland common is a haven for wildlife and the heathland to the north of Ferrers Lane is some of the best in south Hertfordshire. Slowly the heathland is being lost by encroaching trees and scrub.

Countryside Management Service (CMS) practical conservation volunteers have already been busy working on the site this winter by pulling out small silver birch regrowth using ‘tree poppers’ (a hand tool especially designed for pulling out small saplings by the roots) and by cutting medium sized trees using bowsaws. Some silver birch near to the woodland edge has been left to grow on to maturity. Already patches of heather that have been lost for many years are getting to see the light once again.

Contractors are now required to remove selected larger trees and scrub which are too big for volunteers to tackle from around the heathland areas. This will help uncover more of the vanishing heathland complimenting the work that the volunteers have undertaken. A small section of older gorse which has become leggy and dense is going to be coppiced (cut down to ground level), this will reinvigorate the gorse and allow light to reach heathland plants below.

Timescale: Contractors will be on site from 11 February 2019 for approximately 7-8 days.

Please follow any on site instructions or use alternative routes. 

Visit the CMS website for more information about woodland management

CAR PARK REFURBISHMENT – Nomansland Common Access Improvements Works

Over the next couple of months works will be carried out across Nomansland Common to improve access. Ferrers Lane Car Park is going to have a facelift, West End Car Park is going to be resurfaced and a safer access route created from Dyke Lane to Drover Lane.

Ferrers Lane Car Park

The improvements here will be low key and sympathetic to the environment but will provide extra parking places and improved access for managing this special site. This car park will be CLOSED while works are taking place.

West End Car Park

This small car park is to be resurfaced, have improved drainage, bollards installed around the edges to stop people parking further onto the common and the sightlines along the road cut back to improve visibility. Access will also be improved for pedestrians and a special horse path will be created to avoid crossing the car park. This car park will be CLOSED while works are taking place.

Dyke Lane to Drover Lane

A short section of surfaced path will be installed from Dyke Lane into the woodland which will link to the bridleway. This will provide a safer alternative route to Drovers Lane rather than travelling along the main road (B651). Traffic signals will be in operation on the main road (B651) while works take place.


  • Ferrers Lane Car Park will be CLOSED from Monday 28th January for approximately 3 weeks
  • West End Car Park will be CLOSED from  Monday 18th February for approximately 3 weeks
  • Dyke Lane works start Monday 11th March for approximately 3 weeks

Timings are subject to change due to the weather conditions

To undertake these works quickly and safely the car parks will need to be CLOSED. Please park in alternative car parks and follow any on site instructions.

We apologise for any disruption and thank you for your co-operation.