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Tennis court now available for use

From today (13 May) one court will available for public use, for singles play only and with no lingering or socialising. If you wish to use this court, please call the Parish Council 01582 832541 for details and to arrange payment. Charges are £5 per hour. 

Use of this court will be in line with the recent LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) guidelines:

  • Courts can be open for singles play (different households) – only doubles if all four players are members of the same household
  • Only change ends if you walk on opposite sides of the net
  • Do not adjust the net – venues are being asked to ensure the net is at the appropriate height and to remove net winders
  • Initial your own balls so you serve with your own.
  • Bring a bottle of water and hand sanitiser to the court

You must follow the above guidelines as well as those set out by the Government in respect of social distancing (visit for more information). You will also be responsible for securing the gate on exit. Failure to observe these rules may mean the Parish Council have no option but to close the facility.