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The Answer to Frazzled

Do you feel that you are spinning too many plates? Or maybe just your head is spinning? That is frazzled. Many of us are feeling that not only is life not getting any easier, it is also getting more stressful. Many of you will be familiar with Ruby Wax OBE and her work supporting the nation’s mental health. Ruby founded the Frazzled Cafe (registered charity) in 2017 to fulfil a need for a place where people could connect with others in a safe, supportive space. Where they could be open about the stresses they may feel, free from judgement. It is not therapy but a place to discuss what worries you, among peers who understand how it feels to be frazzled. What is said in meetings is confidential and stays there.

Originally set up in M&S cafes, Frazzled went exclusively to Zoom at the start of the pandemic where it has stayed until now. We are delighted to announce that you now have access to the only face to face Frazzled Cafe running in England at present. Funded by the Harpenden Trust, it is free to attend and a great addition to the local support available to improve mental wellbeing.
With the many stresses and strains of the past few years we are so lucky to have this available. Meetings run in Harpenden and must be booked in advance. They are on Mondays (excluding bank holidays) at the Eric Morecambe Arts Centre, Leyton Road. Wheathampstead residents are welcome; find out more and book here: